A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Lanes of Triumph

This is a single player top-down RTS game in which the player must build units to defend against and attack the enemy base.


The game is controlled almost entirely with the mouse.

left click.......select a building or hero

scroll wheel..zoom the camera

mmb............hold to pan the camera with the mouse


To win the game, you must send enough units to overwhelm your opponent and destroy their base.

In order to build units, click on the 'build menu' button in the lower right, and select which lane you want to build for, then a unit type.

Units will automatically advance to the enemy base, destroying any enemies in their way.


There are 3 types of units in the game:

Laser unit - A short ranged cheap unit with slightly higher health. These units will always be at the front of a battle, and are great for soaking up damage

Rocket Unit - These units fire medium range homing missiles at their targets. Though weaker, these units do the highest single target damage of all.

Sheller Unit - These units rain explosive shells down on the opposition from high in the air. Though each shell doesn't do a great deal of damage, they do inflict splash damage to surrounding units. These units have the longest range by far,

Install instructions


Unzip the archive and run the executable


Lanes of Triumph.zip 48 MB